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of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


About the Association

The Edo People Association of Montreal, Quebec, Canada is a charitable, cultural and non-profit Community enhancement organization. It was established on the 24th of October 2004 when over five hundred Edo indigenes residing in the city of Montreal, in the Province of Quebec, Canada assembled in LaSalle Borough and decided to form an organization that will propagate the cultural heritage of Edo people within the main stream of Canada society.

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Edo People Association of Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Mission Statement

Helping to enhance a viable and contemporary society where all human being matters and live together happily and pleasantly.


To build a strong Edo community in Montreal and propagate Edo people’s culture into Canada cultural system. Harness and embrace the goodwill of Canada; promote unity and foster interaction, mutual understanding and cooperation among all Edo and non Edo people in Canada. Help new immigrants to integrate into Quebec society. Attract the world attention to Edo state. Engage in Charitable work to educate and bring about social changes and health consciousness in Edo state in particular, and other part of the world that lack adequate health care dispensation.

Message from The President

We speak our language with pride and eloquent; and will not prevent others from speaking theirs - embracing all of humanity.

We are proud of our Edo values and heritage.

Welcome to our Society, Bienvenue!

May Osa N'udazi; Osa N'oghodua approves of our endeavor and bless us all.

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Pius Ehinoma